Is It October Yet?

This has been a rough month for the Velo house. We had some surprise expenses, including a very pricey car repair, so money stress has been through the roof. Mr. Velo is still getting used to his grueling new work/school schedule, and I have been trying to de-stress by cleaning out my closet and doing more laundry than a laundromat.

We have also still been having issues with our AT&T Internet, which has been a pain in my side since June. I regret ever switching from their DSL to the U-Verse service just based on the customer service alone. Internet is sadly a necessity for me, over and above things like cable TV, and having unreliable service makes me a little crazy.

There is good stuff on the horizon though. It is almost October, which means it is a fresh month and the start of my very favorite time of year. Temperatures are cooling in Dallas finally and we have had some beautiful weather. I am looking forward to getting down out of the 90s completely and wearing jackets, sweaters and boots again. Mr. Velo is acing his classes so far, which I never doubted but I know relieves him greatly. I have been productive if not less stressed. And we might have some really awesome news after today.

I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe, and to enjoy what I can even when it feels like the whole month is plotting to break me down.

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