Very Pinteresting…and lots of projects

When the site Pinterest first started up, I thought it was a really cool idea. I signed up when I could get an invite, and I started using it. Then it got released to a wider audience and I wasn’t the only one hooked–I started getting friends addicted too. Now tons of people I know are on the site, and I use it almost every day.

For a while I was pinning ideas for when we got a house someday, things I wanted to remember or just thought were pretty. I pinned some things I wanted to do now, but the majority was inspiration that I knew I could draw from when my time came to outfit a house just as I want it to look. I didn’t realize that I would be doing that so soon, and my Pinterest pinning has gotten out of control lately as I seek to figure out a color palette and a style for each of the rooms in our new house.

I have to say, the site is immensely helpful. Just pulling up my Home Decor board and scrolling through it has helped inspire me for our living room, the hardest room for me to decorate. I have our kitchen set, our bedroom set, my office set, but the living room is killing me. The bathrooms are also posing a challenge for me, especially the master bath.

The task list ahead, inspired or not, is turning out to be quite daunting. We have to have an estate sale to clear things out before we can really go gung-ho with our plans. There is a lot more in the house than I had realized. But my mother-in-law thinks we will be able to meet a move-in date of end of January, so that is good. We just have a LOT to do before then…estate sale, cleaning, lots of wallpaper scraping, priming, and painting. The light fixture in the master bath has got to go, as does the chandelier in the bedroom–I much prefer a ceiling fan. We have to decide on paint colors and new furniture. We have to budget for our move. We have to pack. I am trying not to stress.

The good news is that my company is closed starting December 23 through the week after Christmas, so I am going to try to take off the remaining four days of the week of Christmas. That will give me 17 consecutive days off of work to enjoy the holidays with our families AND bust my butt on house stuff. I would like to have all the painting done by then so we can give the house a VERY thorough cleaning prior to our move. Looking forward to that time off helps cut the stress a little bit. I know I don’t *have* to have everything done before we move in, but it will be so much easier if things are already scraped/primed/painted and all we have to do is move our stuff in and decorate.

In the meantime, I will just stalk Pinterest for more ideas…