Ch-ch-changes and School Days

Mr. Velo starts his new work schedule tomorrow. It’s going to be a major change, though nothing we haven’t lived through before. He will work 1-9:30, enabling him to go to school in the morning. It hearkens back to our dating days, and the early days of our marriage, when he worked both his full-time job and a part-time job on top of all that. I am really proud of him for making the choice to go back to school and get a degree in something he is really passionate about, but I know I will probably be a little lonely from time to time.

I usually jealously guard my “alone time” because I lived alone for so long, sometimes being around someone else 24:7 can chafe at me, even when it is someone as awesome as my husband. When that hits, I will usually go in the bedroom and read a book, write, or watch some TV and knit. He gets in the same kind of mood where all he wants to do is play a video game, watch TV, or read. Even when he is home, he will be studying or trying to relax, so I will have probably more alone time on my hands than I know what to do with for a while. Regardless of how much I like doing my own thing, I am used to having him around and I like it.

I have decided to take the alone time I have and work on my own projects, plus devoting more time to making our home a nicer place to live. I will never be a doting housewife, but I think it is only fair that I pick up a little more slack so that he can devote time to his schoolwork. I may do something totally cheesy and make us a chore chart that will get us in the habit of doing certain things on certain days, who knows.

We are also about to put a strict budget into effect so that we can save money for his tuition and save towards things like retirement and a new couch while still covering all our bills. We have already changed around our Netflix and cell phone plans to save some money every month, and we are considering canceling our DirecTV plan as well. I know that will bum him out because he likes to watch live sports (as do I) but even live sports aren’t really worth what we are paying per month for our satellite.

I want to really use the time we spend apart to concentrate on my writing, which is something I want to translate to a full-time job someday. I have two in-progress fiction projects that are in need of some serious TLC. I have neglected them the past few months due to work craziness and feeling like my brain was too full. I am weird about writing when others are around, so hopefully Mr. Velo’s absence will translate into more work done on those stories. Besides that, I plan on revitalizing my workout routine (which is currently a giant dud), doing a LOT of knitting and a LOT of Netflix streaming. It really could be worse.

These life changes will also make us more intentional with the time we spend together. Our “us time” will be more precious, and hopefully we can make it more interesting. I love our marriage, and I think that we have a pretty amazing relationship most of the time, but we have fallen into quite the boring rut. We don’t really go do most of the fun, out-of-the-house things that we did when we were dating…even just going for coffee or going to browse the bookstore for a few hours. We have become pretty staid in our routines. I am hoping that with the limited time we will have, we can branch out a little. In the meantime, we will be going to Austin for Labor Day as a bit of a last hurrah until Christmas.

It has been a long time since I marked the passage of time in semesters. I guess I will be doing that for the next few years!