Themes for a new year

Resolutions and goals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, which I can understand. It is daunting to sit and write a list of things you want to accomplish (and will probably forget about before January is over and life after the holidays sets in). One thing I have seen people doing instead is choosing words, phrases, or themes to represent how they want to approach the new year. Even though I love goals, the writer in me loves the idea of using words to set the tone for my life in the year ahead.

Here are the themes I have chosen for 2012:

  • Be passionate. I am a passionate person by nature. When I love something, I throw myself into it headlong. I have noticed that in the past few years, I haven’t been as deeply invested in the things I love as I used to be. I got burned out by life and am probably still recovering a bit, but I want to reclaim the passion I know is still inside me. That will translate into real creative accomplishments for 2012.
  • Be kind. Even though I feel like I am inherently a nice person, I have a quick temper. I judge too quickly and probably too harshly. I notice that I sometimes keep score when I should do things regardless of someone else owing me in return. I need to slow down and make sure that kindness is always my first response. I also need to be kinder to myself. I am overly critical of my own shortcomings, and I have a tendency to ignore my own needs. It isn’t a selfish thing to take good care of yourself, and I need to remember that.
  • Be present. My mind often works overtime and doesn’t let me just be still. I feel like the year passes me by in a whirlwind. I want to enjoy every moment. I need to slow down, experience, and savor instead of looking ahead to see what’s coming. Sometimes it is nice to pull back out of the details and enjoy looking at the big picture. I also want to capture the moments that I experience so I have a record of wonderful memories.

What do you want your year to look like? Do you have any themes for 2012?